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Our bestest bud in the world who is 20 today! Everyone should go wish her a happy birthday cos she is the nicest person evaaaaa ^.^

We love you 5ever, from Simortal and Simbalanced xoxo

thanks you guiisseee! <3


Yaaaay! Your gift is finally here for you! ◔‿◔

This is Beatrix Spencer, i’ve included the sliders used (which I got from missfortunesims) so if you want her to look exactly like she does here then pop them in your mods folder =)


You Can:

  • Change her hair/hair colour
  • Change her clothes/shoes/accessories
  • Give her different personality traits
  • Change her favourites/voice
  • Change her last name

You Cannot:

  • Change her first name (I like it for her :))
  • Alter her facial structure or her body
  • Upload her as your own, or at all actually
  • Claim her as your own
  • Use her as a base

I’ve added the CC used in the pictures and I want to give particular credit to brntwaffles as I used most of her amazing stuff! Also, I didn’t bother doing her other outfits aside from her everyday so apologies for whatever CAS generates for her xD 

Enjoy!! Download X

P.S. Feel free to tag me if you use her and i’ll like and reblog for you ^.^


Leo & Astrid


Introducing; Leo 

I think he’s right for Astrid, idk I can’t make male sims to save my life!



Introducing; Astrid (Last name idek)

She’s going to be part of a legacy I’m planning fo sho.

tweaked her face day ‘n night i tell ya.

Dystopia Legacy

Astrid’s Profile -

Trait Chips: Limitless Learning, Efficient, Sentience, Solar Powered, Handibot

Astrid was one of the first of her kind, half human half robot. She specializes in strength, stamina and self defense. 

She is also highly intelligent and very rarely feels any type of emotion.

Dystopia Legacy

Aerin’s Profile -

Traits: Adventurous, Dare Devil, Clumsy, Hot Headed, Rebellious

Slightly eccentric, Aerin is highly avoided by most of the residents in Oasis Landing. 

Little is known about her, and she’d prefer to keep it that way. 



deer girl chika

coming sooooooon my first blusher :>

♥ o ♥


Sienna and elfysims Aerin-

Aerin’s derp face in that last pic tho.๏‿๏