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Introducing; Leo 

I think he’s right for Astrid, idk I can’t make male sims to save my life!


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Introducing; Astrid (Last name idek)

She’s going to be part of a legacy I’m planning fo sho.

tweaked her face day ‘n night i tell ya.

Dystopia Legacy

Astrid’s Profile -

Trait Chips: Limitless Learning, Efficient, Sentience, Solar Powered, Handibot

Astrid was one of the first of her kind, half human half robot. She specializes in strength, stamina and self defense. 

She is also highly intelligent and very rarely feels any type of emotion.

Dystopia Legacy

Aerin’s Profile -

Traits: Adventurous, Dare Devil, Clumsy, Hot Headed, Rebellious

Slightly eccentric, Aerin is highly avoided by most of the residents in Oasis Landing. 

Little is known about her, and she’d prefer to keep it that way. 



deer girl chika

coming sooooooon my first blusher :>

♥ o ♥


Sienna and elfysims Aerin-

Aerin’s derp face in that last pic tho.๏‿๏



playin’ around with plumbobsophys gorgeous Emma and decided to take some pictures with Astrid, because I love them both. ˇ∀ˇ 

Thank you for sharing her plumbobsophy!  ~



After his father was slaughtered, Nolan became leader of his tribe. His bad temper, aggressive attitude and sadistic streak might not have gained him any popularity points, but bringing back the head and heart of a threatening enemy certainly did. Wiping out all immortals in the land is his ultimate goal and fair warning: he will eliminate any who stand in his way.


Hey Guys!

So this is a 50+ Followers gift that i’m very excited and nervous to share with you. It’s my first time sharing anything/ creating anything so I know there will probably be about a million mistakes so I apologize in advance!! Also i’m soooo sorry but I couldn’t make them pose list…